Enhancing Consumer Insights Through Digitalization
Today, companies have the capability to gather high-quality consumer data. However, many companies have not yet harnessed this data to glean significant customer insights.

Businesses all over the world are adapting to meet new demand for shipped goods and products. This was already a steady trend and was only accelerated by a global pandemic. Strong consumer interest in product origin has also influenced new policies and approaches among the world’s brands and governments too. The toolset required to create opportunities in this environment is connected packaging. It’s no surprise then that the research firm Meticulous Research estimates the connected packaging market will reach $43.3 billion by 2027. With an eye to that demand as well as our complementary expertise, Scantrust, a connected packaging software and services platform, has entered into a partnership with Sourcemap, a supply chain mapping software provider. Together, these firms bring secure, verified supply chain transparency to brands and their consumers. Companies looking to take advantage of this technology begin with unique and secured QR codes, as well as NFC and RFID tags where the project requires, and end with a detailed picture that brings granular clarity to the brands and offers engaging stories about products to consumers.

About Sourcemap

Sourcemap is a pioneer of supply chain transparency and traceability software that spun out of MIT research that began in 2008. Major traders, manufacturers and brands have adopted Sourcemap’s full-suite solution for assurance on the raw materials-to-finished goods supply chain, including ongoing monitoring for production, quality, sustainability, and risks such as deforestation and forced labor. Find more at www.sourcemap.com or by emailing info@sourcemap.com