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ML-driven solutions for CE marking compliance management of electronic and electrical equipment

Get your product CE compliant and on the EU single market in no time

No need to install a new app. With us you can now do more yourself,
reduce the costs of CE marking, become compliant fast and get back to business 

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Share your product data & documentation with our ML-powered document processing software

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Get the result in seconds! Cutting edge ML technology will process it in real time to provide your product with a Technical file and Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

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By now, CE marking process is passed and your product got a CE marking approval. Sell broadly the same product in the EU single market

Manage Compliance

Manage your regulatory compliance work with our software solutions. Mitigate risks of non-compliance and update the content of the Technical file

to apply & grow

— Easy onboarding & APIs integration
— Guidance & instructions
— Assessment against essential requirements of EU regulations & standards
— Compilation of a Technical File (TF)
— Compilation of a Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

— Ready-made package
— Step by step guidance
— Data & workflow management
— Regulatory monitoring
— Data analytics & reporting
— Team collaboration

— Generator of intelligent CE marking tags
— Data analytics & reporting on scannings
— Protected access to a Technical File & DoC
— Single Point of Contact for partners & regulatory inquiries
— European Authorized Representative
— Amazon Responsible Person for CE-marked products

Time & cost savings

The biggest costs are inherent to the time that test laboratories, certification bodies and consultants spend on products. Whatever product is, getting a CE marking approval is, at least, a full day of work, and likely more. If it is multiplied with a reasonable hourly fee, the cost of CE certification already easily exceeds 1500 EUR.

In most cases businesses can save money by doing a lot themselves. With CE compliance digital assurance tool, risk analysis, conformity assessment against product essential requirements, compilation of a Technical file and DoC can be done by a business, with a little time invested in learning how to do it.

Do you have a system set up for ensuring all compliance documentation is in one place and always updated? Have you considered also the costs of the persons who will have to dedicate time to the initial CE marking, and afterward to keeping updated with the EU regulations and standards. And what it takes to create a report to the board about the current compliance status?

Compliance managers are an important part of any company. Together we can make compliance easier. With us it is like hiring a compliance manager, while still saving you money. Estimated gross monthly savings start as from 18 hours/months or some 700 euros. Not bad, is it?

Today, there is no central database over CE marks or notified body certificates. The only way to check a CE mark is to validate the documentation, i.e. the Technical File and Declaration of Conformity (DoC). And what about getting tons of requests for CE marking validation? There you can also save a lot of costs.

Intelligent CE marking (iCE) is the link between the physical product and the Technical file with Declaration of Conformity (DoC). It is the immediate and safe access to the explicit and up-to-date information on CE compliance provided in a harmonised digital format for partners and market surveillance authorities. With us, no more time needed to process the requests.

Standing out
from the rest

We move machine learning use beyond lab experiments into widespread use within quality and performance-driven businesses, so they can demonstrate immediate and continuous regulatory compliance under the EU legislation for CE marking (New Legislative Framework, NLF).

Sqrino‘s ML models and algorithms have a contextual understanding of business regulatory framework and product compliance assurance, and are capable of providing real-time alerts that help businesses cut incompliance costs by as much as 80 percent.

It is more than just a part of BI software. To support decision-making process, historical information and real-time data from different source systems are integrated, consolidated and cleansed using data integration and data quality management tools to ensure that business is in possession of accurate and consistent information.

~ 15 %
of a world sales market

belongs to the Europe’s EEE sector. EU legislation that strives for more energy efficiency has driven even more growth for electronics in the automotive, building and lighting sectors

~ 90 %
of EEE CE marking cases

under EU regulations can be conducted by businesses as self assessments, without having to involve a third party certification body or consultants

~ 25 %
of non-compliance due to a technical file

The majority of failures to comply with CE marking are a result of administrative errors, a lack of knowledge of regulatory requirements and standards applicable to the product

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