Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies: Key Concepts and Misconceptions
In this article key definitions and terms normally seen in anti-counterfeiting technology are unpacked.

Who is Sourcemap?

Sourcemap provides “supply chain mapping software” that brings visibility into supply chains and makes thorough supply chain due diligence possible. Sourcemap clients include several of the world’s leading food, beverage, apparel, and fragrance manufacturers. Sourcemap supply chain mapping works by combining top-down supplier discovery, supply chain benchmarking, and a bottom-up digitization for all transactions along the supply chain. Their experience and capabilities in these processes have made Sourcemap the trusted toolkit for their clients to map supply chains and verify the chain of custody.

How do companies benefit from this collaboration?

As a natural ally for Scantrust, Sourcemap saw an opportunity to combine two of the most prominent leaders in the supply chain technology space for a one stop traceability solution. Scantrust QR codes on product packaging are already used by AB Inbev, Unilever (case study here), Syngenta, Exxon Mobil, LVMH, Dupont, Abbott laboratories, and Lockcon (case study available here) among others. The agriculturalenergy and lubricants, and nutrition industries are all represented in Scantrust’s client list. For their part, Scantrust offers brand protection, supply chain awareness, and powerful customer experiences via interactions with goods and products – the delivery method for those benefits often comes through the convenience and universal familiarity made available and possible by QR codes. When adding the Sourcemap supply chain mapping layer to Scantrust, you add a verified supply chain story that explains to customers how brands are openly taking steps to protect them and provide them with the best possible product. Perhaps most interestingly, while this is the right thing to do, it also draws out new revenue opportunities for brands. While Scantrust provides the technology to bring products online and make authenticity verification possible, the Sourcemap verified story layer also helps with customs compliance, anti-counterfeiting through verified traceability and product IDs, and of course as an answer to consumer demands for more information about products.

What will companies gain from working with Scantrust and Sourcemap?

Companies taking advantage of this partnership will build rich data sets on consumer behavior: these are new insights, interactions contributing to a more detailed understanding of what consumers want, something that can, at minimum, be implemented in marketing efforts but that provide the necessary back end data for grey market and counterfeit alerts. From unique content based on location, time of interaction, or other audience parameters, to enterprise tasks that clients can centrally manage to plan logistics roles and product or shipment detail updates, the Scantrust connected packaging platform is amplified across the board by the Sourcemap Supply Chain mapping software. This partnership ultimately gives our customers more value and more possibilities to they continue to adapt successfully to the market.