Automated security, Privacy, Compliance Platform

Simplify the complex and expensive process of becoming ISO 27001 or GDPR compliant with us, so you can establish trust with your customers and focus on growing your business

Get compliant in one platform

Everything you need to achieve and maintain security and privacy compliance
within a dedicated environment for your company’s business continuity

Assess Risks

Identify risks by selecting assets, threats and vulnerabilities from predefined lists

Treat Risks

Apply controls  from predefined lists to treat and manage risks

Track Implementation Tasks

View risks and actions taken with the simple intuitive dashboard

Accelerate Risk Mitigation

Flag up and prioritise key risks based on impact and likelihood scores


Collaborate with your team, get on-demand and unlimited support from experts

Manage Compliance

Produce and hold all policies, documents and audit-ready reports in one place and updated

Compliance that scales with your business

Automation platform helps you ensure security and privacy compliance at every stage of your growth

Get audit-ready

and achieve compliance in weeks, not months

Stay current

on the latest regulatory developments to mitigate legal and regulatory risks

Scale compliance

to your business and customize policies and tests to fit your unique needs

Automate replies

to requests for proposals (RFPs) and security questionnaires to close deals, faster

The difference we bring about

The modern approach to compliance, continuous compliance

Security that scales

You Save hundreds of hours

Our customer support service and compliance experts are with you throughout the entire audit journey, from gap analysis until you have your clean audit report in hand. 

The platform streamlines compliance for every part of ISO 27001, from vendor management to ongoing evidence collection. And with integrations to core services such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Github, and others automatically collecting audit evidence, your team spends 90% less time on security compliance tasks so they can focus on building your business.

Security posture known at all times

You build trust of customers

We help you maintain ISO 27001 compliance by continuously monitoring your compliance environment and notifying personnel when regular tasks are due. 

Apply the continuous monitoring of other software businesses, such as Datadog or PagerDuty, to what has until-now been an annual or semi-annual audit scramble. While an auditor still needs to go through a customer’s books, they can do so with Sqrino’s reports, which keep a business honest about its security and data compliance year-round. That means fewer surprises, inside and outside a business.

Partnership & Vendor Management

You close deals faster

One of the challenges with security compliance is that you don’t just need to prove that you’re secure, but that the vendors you use are secure too. It’s all about minimizing weak links.

As your company grows, it is likely to use more vendors, making this process potentially a huge headache. Sqrino works with companies to find and upload all of their vendors’ security compliance certifications, and aims at building the database of vendor security information. In the future, if one company uses AWS and uploads their compliance certifications, the next company that comes in can just pull that off the shelf, saving time and money. 

Compliance frameworks

+ more frameworks

Ready to automate compliance?

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Sqrino is an automated security and compliance platform that helps your business get and stay compliant by continuously monitoring your people, solutions and tools. Sqrijno is the fast and trusted way to improve your company's security posture